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You thought that defeating the boss of a dungeon was the right way to do it? 

Try to escape without hurting anyone and take as much damage of possible if you ever want to leave you fool!

This game was made during the 17th edition of the Game Dev Party in 48 hours! 

The theme of this edition was "Negation" and this is why we opted for a parody of one of the most beloved and known game of the era, Zelda by Nintendo.

Our Team is composed by:

Laura Fayard - Game Artist, UI Designer

Maxime Vatopoulos - Sound Designer, Composer

Julien Plateau - Developer, Assets Integration

Philippe Hartmann - Game Artist, Game Designer

Thank you for stopping by!


Aldes V0.3.zip 44 MB
Adles V0.4.zip 49 MB
Adles V0.5.zip 48 MB

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